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As an animation studio based in Hong Kong, Studio Solaz's mission is to bring any idea to life using animation and other creative processes. Studio Solaz can be anything you want it to be, and anything the project demands it to be. Established in 2020, we aim to create a unique voice in Hong Kong's animation industry. In Studio Solaz we believe in the importance of diversity coming together; different artistic disciplines, digital and traditional sensibilities, sound and visuals, local and international cultures. We invite you to enjoy our site to learn more about us, our art animation projects.


Ongoing Work

The Stellar Planet

Studio Solaz's debut animation short film.  A first step into merging traditional, digital and motion media animation.


Illustrations, art, and animation tests done during the production of The Stellar Planet


Making of The Stellar Planet 

Coming Soon..

Claro absorbing wabi wabi

"If you see with innocent eyes, everything is divine."

Federico Fellini, Filmmaker


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