About Us

Animation is what we do. Movement is what we focus on. Creativity is what we care about.

Studio Solaz is an animation studio based in Hong Kong. Our mission is to bring any idea to life using animation and other creative processes. Studio Solaz can be anything you want it to be, and anything the project demands it to be. Established in 2020, we aim to create a unique voice in Hong Kong's animation industry. In Studio Solaz we believe in the importance of diversity coming together; different artistic disciplines, digital and traditional sensibilities, sound and visuals, local and international cultures. We invite you to enjoy our site to learn more about us, our art animation projects.


Our Creators


Helena Cheng

 Helena Cheng is a visual artist born and raised in Hong Kong.
She enjoys experimenting to create an experience for an audience that immerses them in a world that they are not familiar with. Her work is highly stylized and usually inspired by the environment, people and Asian culture.

Helena is deeply inspired to explore all possibilities and presentations of Art so that she can use this powerful tool to draw attention to the fascinating and meaningful stories that surround us. 


Jorge Mejia

Jorge Mejia is a 2D animator and performance artist from Honduras.

With a B.F.A. in Animation from SCAD Hong Kong, and a personal love for dance and performance, he aims to combine these two worlds together through his work.

Jorge enjoys creating stories that have strong individuality in their designs and characters. At the same time; using elements of the fantastical to celebrate happiness and the marvelousness of being alive. 

ALE lowres.png

Alejandro Vélez

Alejandro Vélez is a sound designer and music therapist from Honduras.

They enjoy creating sounds that suit the characters, textures,  and colors of a story. Alejandro gets involved in a story in the same way as the directors, in order to create a sound world that fits the visuals in a synaesthetic way.